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Current KPro´s – Indications, Complications and Solutions – where are we going?


1. Current status/advances/future of MOOKP, Boston KPro, Biosynthetic cornea,
""and other KPros.
2. What are the major problems with current KPros?
3. How best prevent/treat infection/inflammation?
4. Glaucoma and KPro: any solution yet?
5. Can we avoid retroprosthetic membrane formation?
6. Vitreoretinal surgery in KPro patients: how to deal with this problem?
7. How can one best image the anterior segment and retina in KPro patients?
8. What improvements or new instruments would you like in your surgical


The Main Lecture Hall
of the
Landeskliniken Salzburg,
Universitätsklinikum of the Paracelsus Medical University

Müllner Hauptstrasse 48, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

Universitätsaugenklinik Salzburg